“Our desire is to reach and renew San Antonio with the hope of the Gospel."


What do we care about at Trinity Grace? What are the things that are most important to us? These are the values that we center our church around...



At Trinity Grace, we believe that we are living a God-shaped story. As you look around the world, there are echoes of God all around. We hear these echoes in our relationships, in a good meal, in an exciting experience. Yet we often attempt to find ultimate fulfillment in these echoes of God. CS Lewis reminds us that these echoes "are not the thing itself; they are only the scent of a flower we have not found, the echo of a tune we have not heard, news from a country we have never yet visited." At Trinity Grace we believe that we are all longing for the transcendent. We want to trace these echoes we hear back to the source - a transcendent God who made all things for his own glory. So we seek to tell the real story and point people to the source of their longings and desires - the God of the Bible. 


Throughout the week, we hear a number of different voices that try to convince us of what is true. These voices come from our families, our friends, our culture, and even ourselves. These voices attempt to tell us what is important, why we are here, and what we should be doing. At Trinity Grace we believe that we can hear God's voice of truth in the Bible. We bring our hearts and souls into alignment with what is really true through the Scriptures. In a world often characterized by relativism, we seek to be a group of people who hold fast to the truth as it's found in God's Word. 


The Gospel is the Good News of what God has done through Jesus Christ. It is the beginning and the end of the Christian life. As a Church, and as followers of Jesus, we never outgrow our need for the Gospel. All that we do as a Church flows out of our understanding and belief about this Gospel. The Gospel is the “power of God” that changes unbelievers and believers alike. We are committed to bring everything we do in line with the Gospel.


God is the Divine Host who has called His people to “welcome one another as Christ has welcomed (us)." This is far more than having people in our home for meals. It is a lifestyle of generous and selfless love for those who are most different from us. We worship a God who died for His enemies, and that reality redefines our priorities around the needs of others rather than our own. We want to be a church who makes room for everyone - regardless of race, education, political preference, or socio-economic status. At Trinity Grace we value a culture that is characterized by welcome and warmth. A place where relationships are important. 


We believe that Jesus wants to meet people where they’re at - no matter what a person has done or how bad things have gotten in their lives. We believe that the grace of God is deep enough to cover our guilt and shame. Though we believe that Jesus wants to meet each and every person where they’re at, we also believe that Jesus doesn’t leave people where they’re at - he wants to bring renewal and transformation to their lives. As a Church we expect to see Jesus transforming people’s lives more into his own image in tangible ways. We also want to be a part of God's work in bringing renewal to his creation. So we will seek to use our gifts and talents to participate with God in renewing all things. 


How do we plan on putting flesh to our values? These are the ways that we seek to incarnate our mission and our values...

Common Worship

The Church is a community that is centered around worship of the Triune God. As human beings, we were created to worship. The question is not whether you worship, but instead what will you worship. We believe that God has called us to center our lives on worshipping him. We are called to worship God in all that we do - whether it be domestic, vocational, or recreational. We also believe that as the Church we are called to the corporate worship of God. Corporate worship, where God’s people gather weekly to worship God in spirit and truth, shapes and forms our desires and affections as a community of God’s people. We are a people who share a common worship. 

Common Life

God has always existed - from all eternity past - in perfect relationship and community with himself - the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The reason we long for relationship is because we were made in the image of a God who is eternally relational. God has made us to be in relationship with him - and to enter into relationship with other people. We were created for community; to share the joys and struggles of life with other people. As the Church, we are the family of God - called to encourage one another with our gifts and talents. We are a people who share a common life. 

Common Good

As God’s people we believe that we are called to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul, and strength. And we also believe that we are called to love our neighbor. As a Church that wants to see God’s kingdom established on earth as it is in heaven, we seek to love our neighbors in San Antonio holistically. In other words, we want to offer spiritual, emotional, and physical care to those we encounter. We are a people who work for the common good of our neighbors and our city.